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# badcat
A small shell script + PostScript program to turn your text files into a PDF.
This relies on GhostScript, and is currently set to be used with the Iosevka
Term font (to be loaded from a TTF in `${HOME}/.fonts`).

For different setups, a small amount of tweaking will be necessary; at a minimum
you'll need to change the `badcat` script not to call `stripbin`, which is a
small program I keep around to strip any non-printable characters, because I
sometimes run weird files through text formatters.

The `badcat` script isn't actually necessary at all, it's merely a convienience
wrapper. Feel free to roll-your-own.

# example
See cat.ps.pdf for an example of the output, which is a printing of the cat.ps
script. Don't try to open cat.ps in a viewer, it is not a document, it is a
standalone PostScript _program_.