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# buildslack
a shell script to build a slackware chroot on most reasonable *NIXS. alpine
linux doesn't work, not because it isn't reasonable, but likely because of
busybox. the libc incompat doesn't matter at all.

## usage
you need to run it as root as pkgtools assumes you are root and acts

the slackware iso should be mounted somewhere reasonable, like ```/mnt```, which
is what this example assumes.

``` shell
# ${BSPATH}/buildslack /mnt/slackware64 /tmp/slackchroot

if you want to skip running the extract phase, and just re-run the setup/update
phase, ensure you pass a third argument to the script; the contents don't
matter, it just shouldn't be "".

# /etc/slackpkg/mirrors
don't forget to remove the appended line, and choose your own mirror. this
script is for me, and uses my local caching proxy so i don't download the same
crap over and over again on my horrible connection.